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Davlicious Recipes Terms of Use

Davlicious Recipes are family or original recipes created by Davonna Lividini and tested in my personal kitchen. I don't publish a recipe unless it's been created twice to ensure consistency and accuracy of amounts. All photographs used in the Cook Book Pages and on the Davlicious website are original works and represent the actual recipe, unless otherwise noted.

Davlicious full resolution Cook Book Pages are for PERSONAL USE only. No commercial use is allowed. You may not resell or offer either the CBPs or the original recipes as your own creations. If you alter the recipes significantly and customize them to suit your own taste, you may claim the new recipe as your own. I would appreciate credit for the inspiration if you put your new creation in print or on the web, but it's not necessary.

To share the full resolution Cook Book Pages, please refer people to Simply Davlicious Recipes me and ask for a link. I'm glad to share the Cook Book Pages, just as I'm glad to share the recipes.

The basic don'ts -

Please don't redistribute the Cook Book Pages.
Please don't sell the Cook Book Pages or share them by direct link.

The basic do's -

Please do let me know if you try any of my recipes and let me know how you liked them.
Please do send anyone who'd like Davlicious recipes to The Simply Davlicious Recipes blog.
Please do enjoy Davlicious Recipes when you make them!

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