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Elfavonna's Story


I'm Elfavonna, the District Manager of Santa's Great Lakes Region office in the USA.

I'm a second generation Elf. My Aunt is Elfaella. She had my job until she was promoted to Santa's Director of European operations! Yep, she and my Uncle and cousins moved to Europe! I wasn't 18 yet when she was promoted, so I didn't get this job at that time. I was an Intern Elf in this region for a few years before I became the District Manager, so I know the business part of what Santa does pretty well and I know the what it's like to be a kid in this region because I grew up in Michigan.

I live in the Great Lakes Region, where I work. I'm what's known in the biz as a "Down Below Elf." A "Down Below Elf" is any elf that doesn't live in the North Pole. You see not all elves live at the North Pole and not all of us make toys! I'm an Executive Level Administration Elf. Which is a glitzy way of saying, I help keep Santa's database straight and locate Non-Elfen made gifts.

I have a pet Reindeer named Brian who lives at the North Pole and I visit when I can. Brian got an honorable mention for his flying speed at this years Reindeer Games! I'm so proud!!!

If you want to know more about life as a second generation manager elf, drop me an email at any time. Make sure your parents know you're emailing me first though!


What our office Does

The office is in the Great Lakes Region, which is Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Michigan,. Our purpose is to help Santa gather wish lists, naughty/nice information, and locate hard to find gifts that are not made in the North Pole like video games, computer software, CDs, DVDs...anything that is copyrighted. Many part time elves work all over the world as suppliers. It's the regional office's job to make sure those orders get to the North Pole in time for Christmas Eve.

If you are a parent in one of those states we serve, who has Naughty/Nice information you want to make sure Santa has in his database, you can forward it to me at Put "For Elfavonna" in the subjec line and I'll be sure he gets it. If you are a kid in the region and you want me to forward your wish list, you can email to the same address. As always - make sure your folks know you're sending the email. Always be safe and make sure an adult knows what you're doing online!!