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Elfen FAQ's

Q. - What's the difference between "Up North" and "Down Below" elves?

A - Well, aside from where we live, "Up North" elves are usually a little smaller in stature. The cold weather in the North Pole area tends to make the natural born elves on the short side to conserve heat! They have work uniforms, which include the customary hats and pointed shoes. The elves in the North Pole make traditional toys, keep Santa organized for his big ride and secure the licenses for copyrighted materials, like computer games, books and CD's.

The "Down Below" elves really don't look any different than a Mom or Dad, in fact, some of us are Moms and Dads. We are responsible for gathering wish lists and naughty/nice information. We also help find those hard to find toys that are not elfen-made at the North Pole. (Tickle Me Elmos and Poo-Chis come to mind quickly in recent years!) We have regular jobs as well as our elf jobs and don't wear uniforms that often.


Q - You said Elfaella was promoted to Europe?? How far can an elf go?

A - The highest ranking for a "down below elf" is representing Santa or Mrs. Claus at a Mall or in a Parade.

An elf has to go through some serious training to learn all about Santa's secrets to his great memory and how to correctly file the reports back to Santa when he represents him as a Mall Santa or in an official Holiday Parade. Opportunities for female elves to be promoted to that pinnacle are tougher because not all Malls and Parades have Mrs. Claus represented.. One great bonus that goes with that appointment though, is Mrs. Claus's famous recipe for simply the best Chocolate Chip cookies there are! (They are Santa's favorite!)


Q - Shouldn't we leave Santa a Christmas present?

A- Remember that Santa knows that you love him and he knows your heart thought about that! But, the truth is, his gift from you is a smile and the fact that you enjoy the gifts he brings. He visits so many children that he doesn't have the room at the north pole for all of those wonderful gifts from them. He'd prefer that you donate Food to a Soup Kitchen or a coat or shoes to a local organization who helps those in need. You can leave him a note, letting him know what you donated on his behalf. THAT will warm his heart and be wonderful for a long ride on a cold night!


Q - What is Santa's favorite snack to have when he visits?

A - Santa loves cookies! Homemade ones are the best, but he appreciates anything left with love! He likes Hot Cocoa, and he drinks a little more coffee than usual on the big night.

If your Mom or Dad ever tells you to leave an alcoholic drink for Santa it's because they are planning to drink it while they sit with him when he fills the stockings. Santa NEVER drinks when he drives. My Dad used to tell me that Santa liked mixed drinks, but then I found out later that he gave Santa a cup of coffee or a glass of milk while Dad had the drink!


Q - Who was the first female reindeer to make Santa's team?

A - Vixen - she was one of the original eight.


Q - Why does Santa's writing on my presents look so much like Mom's or Dad's?

A - Well, it probably is your Mom or Dad's writing! When Santa comes to the house he brings bags for each qualified kid. The grownups in the house usually help him put the gifts under the tree and they add your name or a gift tag before placing it under the tree and in stockings. Without Moms and Dads to help, you'd just get a bag of presents and the tree wouldn't have that same magic look!


Q - How can I become a down below elf?

A - To be a down below elf you must be 18 years old and a high school graduate. You also have to pass a background check to make sure you were on Santa's nice list as a kid.

If you know a local elf, you can do an elfen internship at age 16, as long as your school grades are good and stay that way. Santa is very particular about school and how important it is on the naughty/nice meter! But, sorry - you must be 16 to get the hot line number to sign up, so when you turn 16, ask an adult relative for the number.


Q - Can I catch Santa when he comes?

A - Well, first off, you'd have to be up pretty late! He usually gets to my house at about 2:00 AM! That's why the grown-ups are usually way sleepier than you in the morning! But Santa would be even later if he came earlier and spent time with each of the kids in the house! And he'd do that too, because he does what he does on Christmas Eve because he loves kids so much!

So, Santa has a plan to make sure he can get in, leave presents and get on the way to his next stop!

The sleep-meter is a sleigh dashboard device that monitors breathing patterns in the house. You know, people breathe slower and deeper when they are asleep. The sleep meter lets Santa know if the people breathing like they do when they are awake are big enough to all be grownups. If the kids in the house aren't sleeping, he comes back later and tries again.

The problem with trying to fake out the meter is if you lie really still and breathe deep, you end up falling asleep anyway.


Interesting Elfen Facts:


  • Did you know that Only Elves in the North Pole wear GREEN official Elf Hats? The "down below" elves who live and work in the different world regions only wear RED elf hats (which look much like Santa's hat) Elves who live and work "up north" can wear red or green.


  • Santa does not overwork the reindeer! They don't make a big deal about it because he has a lot of work to do on the big night, but he does stop every now and then to switch the team and let Rudolph rest. (In our region, he really likes Dunkin' Donuts coffee too!) The other eight Reindeer work a third of the trip and switch off now. The population of kids in the world has grown since Santa started. And yes - the rumors are all true! There are a number of girl reindeer on Santa's team now too! (My reindeer Brian isn't on the team yet though!)


  • Rudolph is the only reindeer who makes the entire journey with Santa. He and Clarice have 3 sons and 2 daughters but none have their Dad's famous glowing nose! So, Rudolph is an important part of the weather safety force for Santa's journey.



The Elves who don't live at the North Pole don't look like the TV elves. They look just like other grownups- you never know when you're standing right behind an Elf in line at the grocery store or sitting next to one at Church, so be good always! :)



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